Mort Sahl on JFK, MLK, RFK: "The Cause is Humanity"

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Mort Sahl: I’d like to say in finality here, since I have the opportunity, I’d like to see the people who killed Jack Kennedy, the killers of the dream, and Bob Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, who are the same people and that can be proved … I would like to see them hanged, and then I’d like to see capital punishment abolished in the United States and I’d like to see my kids to grow up in school and learn from their civics teacher that the last people executed in America were the people who tried to kill the men of peace.

Mort Sahl : The Cause is Humanity, interviewed by Alan Farley at the San Francisco Playboy Club. Broadcast on KPFA, 30 May 1970. Digitized by Pacifica Radio Archives.

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Jonestown and CIA: Interview with an aide to Congressman Leo J. Ryan

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Joe Holsinger (Fmr. Aide to Leo J. Ryan): The gist to what I'm getting to is this: I received a lot of documentation, which I'll provide you here today, that indicates the strong possibility that Jonestown and the People's Temple, was in reality, a mass mind control experiment conducted by the CIA as a follow-up to something called MKULTRA which they conducted from the early 50s through 1974. They used to use the VA hospitals and state hospitals. They used the federal and state penitentiaries for their experiment. 

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Antonio Veciana: "Maurice Bishop, my CIA contact agent, was David Atlee Phillips"

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In 2014, the Assassination Archives and Research Center held a conference on the occassion of the 50th Anniversary of the release of the Warren Commission Report. The highlight of the conference was a statement by Cuban exile leader Antonio Veciana.

"On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. In reality, what happened that day was a coup d’état. President Kennedy’s death was a result of a conspiracy planned by CIA operatives and supported by a handful of high-ranking military officers and members of the Mafia. The conspirators believed that the President was a traitor who had jeopardized national security by established a foreign policy of dialogue and conciliation with the traditional enemies of the United States. I want to unequivocally state that Maurice Bishop was David Atlee Phillips. Here are the factors that point to a conspiracy. I traveled to Dallas at the end of August or beginning of September of 1963 to meet with Maurice Bishop, my CIA handler. We had agreed to see each other in the lobby of a downtown Dallas bank. There, I observed Bishop with a young man I later identified without a doubt as Lee Harvey Oswald. This encounter was unplanned. It would not have happened had I not arrived to the interview 15 minutes before Bishop expected me."

Below is the full transcript of Veciana's statement.

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Reopening the R.F.K. investigation: Paul Schrade and Congressman Allard Lowenstein (1973)

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Transcribed from Pacifica Radio Archives. PRA Archive #BC2125 

REOPENING THE R.F.K. INVESTIGATION / Paul Schrade and Allard Lowenstein interviewed by Jim Berland. Discussion of the 1968 Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Paul Schrade and Allard Lowenstein discuss the 1968 assassination of Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles, particularly focusing upon the need to reopen the case to uncover the real events. BROADCAST: KPFK, 13 Jan. 1973.

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Our Hidden History Audiobooks

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Our Hidden History produces audiobooks from important historical documents and government reports. Important little known history and vital background for understanding our country today.

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