Gary Webb Speaks on CIA Connections to Contra Drug Trafficking (1997)

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Dark Alliance author Gary Webb gave a fascinating talk on the evening of January 16, outlining the findings of his investigation of the CIA's connection to drug trafficking by the Nicaraguan contras. Approximately 300 people, crowded into the First United Methodist Church in Eugene, Oregon, listened with rapt attention as Webb detailed his experiences. Webb's riveting speech was followed by an intense question-and-answer session, during which he candidly answered questions about the "Dark Alliance" controversy, his firing from the San Jose Mercury News, and CIA/contra/cocaine secrets that still await revelation. ORIGINAL:

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The Vietnam War and the Destruction of JFK’s Foreign Policy
'Our Hidden History' Interview with James DiEugenio

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Author and researcher James DiEugenio breaks down the history of US involvement in Vietnam. He discusses the differences in policy between Eisenhower and Dulles, JFK, Johnson, and finally Nixon and Kissinger. We also cover the pivitol year of 1968: Tet, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr and Bobby Kennedy, the Chicago Police riot, and the election of Richard Nixon. Both audio and transcript are available.

This transcript first appeared at in two parts: part 1 & part 2

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Retroceso: El Reclutamiento de Nazis por Parte de los Estados Unidos y su Efecto en la Guerra Fría

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El autor Christopher Simpson discute su libro titulado Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and its Effect on the Cold War (Retroceso: El Reclutamiento de Nazis por Parte de los Estados Unidos y su Efecto en la Guerra Fría). El interés de Simpson sobre el tema, inició durante el juicio de deportación de Otto Van Bolschwing, quien argumentó contra su deportación de los Estados Unidos al señalar que la CIA lo había introducido en los Estados Unidos. Simpson ha obtenido información a través de las demandas de la Ley de Libertad de Información de que Estados Unidos buscó a todos y cada uno de los agentes para combatir el “expansionismo” soviético al final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial. El servicio exterior comenzó a reclutar en los Interrogatorios de Prisioneros de Guerra, y ayudó a muchos criminales a evadir los juicios por crímenes de guerra. Simpson concluye que el servicio exterior, creó la Guerra Fría para asegurar el presupuesto del Pentágono después del final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

English version

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US Government Reports

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Includes Director of Central Intelligence Nomination Hearings, Watergate Reports, the Rockefeller Commission Report, the Pike Committee Report and Testimony, and the Church Committee Reports and Testimony. These are provided both as searchable text files and as pdfs.

These are all of the files I could find, if you notice any missing, please send an email to info SHIFT-2 ourhiddenhistory POINT org. I know I am missing some of the more recent CIA Director Nomination hearings, including Hillenkoetter, Gates (1991), Woolsey, Deutsch, and Goss. After 2005, the position was replaced by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Director of National Intelligence.

Note: Though the searchable text versions were created by the best OCR software I could find, they have not been reviewed and do contain errors - especially in the older documents.

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Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effect on the Cold War
Christopher Simpson on KPFK, 1988

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Author Christopher Simpson discusses his book entitled Blowback: America's Recruitment of Nazis and its Effect on the Cold War. Simpson's interest in the topic started during the deportation trial of Otto Van Bolschwing, who argued against his deportation from the US by noting that the CIA had brought him into the US. Simpson has attained information through the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits that the United States sought any and all operatives to combat Soviet "expansionism" at the end of World War II. The foreign service began recruitment during POW debriefings, and helped many criminals avoid war crimes trials. The foreign service, Simpson concludes, created the Cold War to insure the Pentagon budget following the end of World War II

PRA Archive #: KZ1648

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Sylvia Meagher on Lee Harvey Oswald and The Warren Report
1967 KPFK interview with the author of Accessories After the Fact

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Sylvia Meagher examines the activities of Lee Harvey Oswald in the Soviet Union and the United States prior to President Kennedy's assassination. She goes on to explain how this information refutes the findings of the Warren Commission.

"...if this is truth, then black is white, night is day, and war is peace. This is not truth. This is a false document."

--Author Sylvia Meagher on The Warren Report

From Pacifica Radio Archives #BB4658

RECORDED: 26 Jan. 1967. BROADCAST: KPFK, 18 Apr. 1967.

Note: A large variety of audio and interviews of interest to researchers and historians are available from Pacifica Radio Archives, and can be purchased as CDs or digitized for a fee. Please visit their site:

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The RFK Assassination and the LAPD Cover Up
Scott Enyart on Black Op Radio, 2000

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In 1968, as a young photographer, Scott Enyart found himself snapping photos of Presidential Candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy at the moment of his assassination. In this 2000 Black Op Radio interview, Mr. Enyart discusses that moment and his decades long efforts to get his crime-scene photos back from the Los Angeles Police Department - including a high-profile case against one of the LA's most ruthless lawyers.

Black Op Radio #12  The full audio is available as part of Black Op Radio's Season 1 / year 2000 - one of 26 interviews available via direct download for $10.

Black Op Radio's full guest list

News articles

LA Times, Jan 18 1996 "New Twist in Kennedy Mystery : Photo Negatives of Robert F. Kennedy's Assassination Disappear"

Chicago Tribue, Mar 31 1992 "A Different Kennedy Murder Mystery: Where Are The Rfk Pictures?"

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